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Automated Forex Trading

  • We give you access to the worlds most liquid market.
  • Sit back and allow our proprietary trading software to deliver lasting results!



  • Our market leading, proprietary algorithms can minimise risk whilst maximising profits
  • Choose from a range of strategies suited to your risk profile



  • Our team of Software Engineers have over 30 years of experience, serving customers from the World’s biggest Financial Institutions
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We NEVER have access to your funds directly or indirectly

Our algorithms link directly with your FX Trading platform of choice

This means your funds are 100% safe at all times

Trading Signals

Prefer to do the work yourself?

Use our Trading Signals to give you the edge on the competiton

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What our clients say

I haven’t used the automated system, so I can’t comment on that..

But the trading signals that the system puts out have been great so far, I’ve made great gains!


James Stevens

I’ve been using Swiss-Soft for 3 months and I’m surprised at just how profitable I’ve been.

The interface is easy to use and I was able to get it running with my Forex.com account easily.

I’m by no means an expert at FX Trading, but my account has gained far more than I’d ever managed to achieve manually!

Thanks Swiss-Soft!

John Doe

Our Work

Who we are?

We are team of dedicated software engineers, based in one of the financial capitals of the world - Zurich.
We have used our industry knowledge of the Financial Sector to produce cutting edge trading technology.
Our insights into the market give us first hand knowledge of the best ways to maximise profits

  • PIPS
  • Leverage
  • Pairs
  • FX
  • Spread
Software Engineering
FX Trading

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